How To Upload Contacts to Other Applications

This process allows you to obtain lists of contacts to upload into other applications such as MailChimp etc. You can filter by your desired criteria and then upload into another application.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: How to Generate a Basic Report

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Know what criteria you want to filter


Navigate to  LRM > Reports 


Select your report
  1. Go to Reports 
  2. Use Report numbers 0232 or 0233
  3. Apply the appropriate filters for your export (see example)
  4. Preview Report
  5. Download Excel

How to Generate a Basic Report

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Edit Excel
  1. Open the downloaded spreadsheet
  2. Delete any columns or rows that you do not want to upload into your application
  3. Save



Each application will have their own upload feature.

  1. Generally, you can either choose to upload/import the excel file
  2. Edit, Delete, Rename any fields


Always follow the applications instructions.

Be mindful of duplication as some applications will be able to filter these and others may not.

Eg Import Subscribers to a List (MailChimp) 


Copy and Paste

The alternate option to uploading or importing the entire spreadsheet is to simply copy and paste the relevant data into the application.


Subscribe to Report

If you would like to receive a report periodically with updates on your criteria you can subscribe to the Report.

How to Subscribe to a Report

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