How To Set Up SugarCRM Integration

The Set Up process to configure SugarCRM to Wisenet is different depending on whether you are bringing your own (BYO) or Wisenet is hosting it for you.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: SugarCRM

Required Access: Admin


The following setup instructions are only required for customers whose SugarCRM is not hosted by Wisenet. This is referred to as BYO SugarCRM.

Configure Databases Changes in SugarCRM
  1. Send a Support Request to Wisenet advising that you have your own SugarCRM and that you would like to integrate it with the Wisenet Platform
  2. Wisenet will then send you the required Package to upload
  3. Log in to SugarCRM as an Administrator and go to Administration > Module Loader
  4. Upload and Install the provided Package
  5. Go to Administration > Repair and Click Quick Repair and Rebuild
  6. Click Execute – you will get a message showing Database tables are synced with vardefs

Learn More?  Check out SugarCRM support documentation

Configure User Access Details

This is required for the Wisenet Integration Platform to be able to share data between your SugarCRM and Wisenet

  1. Log in to the Wisenet Portal as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to My Account > Settings
  3. Find the CRM Connector Settings, click Edit and enter the following details:
    • BYO CRM Password
    • BYO CRM Username

Note: If these options are not present in the settings then advise Wisenet Support to turn on the connector license

Each product has a security code or customer key – these codes enable the integration between your applications. Once you’ve purchased these products, you just need to let us know when you are ready to integrate and provide the relevant codes for your products – our team will do the rest.

  1. Log a Support Request advising which applications you wish to integrate
  2. Our Support Team will provide you with specific instructions to obtain the required security codes and customer keys
  3. You will then update this support item with this information
  4. We will then set up your integration and let you know when this is completed in the support item

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