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The Moodle Grade plugin allows grading in Moodle to update Wisenet Unit Enrolment Outcomes and End Dates. It works for both Australia and New Zealand and is designed for flexibility to update 1 or more Wisenet Unit Enrolments based on grading of 1 or more Moodle Assignments.

The diagram on your right gives you a snapshot around the flexibility to update 1 or more Unit Enrolments.

Before you begin

Required Knowledge: Moodle and Moodle Integration

Required LRM and Moodle Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Setup Moodle Integration Plugins


Configure Enrolment Plugin

Before using the Grade Scale you need to make sure that you have correctly linked your Moodle courses to either their respective Course Offers or Unit Offers in Wisenet.

Learn More: How to Link your Wisenet Courses to Moodle

Important Note:
  • Automatic outcome updating only works if you correctly link your Moodle courses to Wisenet
  • For New Zealand it only updates SDR outcomes

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Navigate to your Moodle Site

You may wish to watch the following video and follow the step-by-step instructions below.


Create Grade Scales

Scales are a way of evaluating or grading a Learner’s performance in Moodle. You can have as many Scale values as you like i.e. Pending Completion, In Progress, Not Yet Competent, Competent, Satisfactory, etc.

You have a choice of creating Standard Scales which are available across the site, or create Custom Scales per course.

When to use Standard Scale:

Decide what your overall pass mark is for a Learner to be deemed competent in a Unit. For example, do all Learners across all courses need to achieve 100%, 8-% or 50% to be competent? If yes, when you create this new scale, set it up as your default Standard Scale.

When to use Custom Scale:

Within assignment activities in Moodle you can choose to grade an assignment activity using percentages, points or scales. An example of a custom scale is Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory. This custom scale can only be used within the course it has been created in.

Can any Scale value be synced into Wisenet via the connector?

No. While you have the flexibility to use any values with your Grade Scales in Moodle, only the value of ‘Competent’ and ‘Not Yet Competent’ will be synced into Wisenet, with the following rules:

  • For a grade scale value of ‘Competent‘ it will update the outcome to:
    • 20 for Australia (National outcome only)
    • 2 for New Zealand (SDR outcome only)
  • For a grade scale value of ‘Not Yet Competent‘ it will update the outcome to:
    • 30 for Australia (National outcome only)
    • 4 for New Zealand (SDR outcome only)

How to create a New Grade Scale

To create a new grade scale we recommend following the set up and logic below:

  1. Go to Site Administration and click on Grades
  2. Click Scales
  3. Click Add a new scale
  4. Give your scale a name
  5. If your Moodle course has multiple activities/quizzes but only the overall grade will need to be synced to Wisenet, then under Scale for this request, enter the following logic (these are examples only):
    • If the pass mark is 50% to be competent, then enter the following: Not Yet Competent, Competent 
    • If the pass mark is 80% to be competent, then enter the following: Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Competent
    • If the pass mark is 100% to be competent, then enter the following: Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Not Yet Competent, Competent (Please note: This will still grade anything between 91-100 as 100%)
  6. Enter a Description
  7. Click Save changes

We suggest to set up a site-wide grade scale that can then be used in any Moodle course

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Create Grade Categories

For every unit that should get updated, create a grade category in your Moodle Courses

  1. Go into the relevant Course and under Course Administration click on Gradebook setup
  2. Click the Add category button near the bottom of the page
  3. The Category Name should be the same (identical) to the Unit Code and this is mandetory, i.e:
    • If you are trying to update ‘Unit A’ the Grade Category name should be Unit A
    • If you are trying to update ‘Unit A’ and ‘Unit B’ the Grade Category name should be Unit A;Unit B
  4. For Aggregation method, choose either Mean of grades or Simple weighted mean of grades
  5. For Grade Type choose Scale
  6. For Scale choose the grading connector scale that you created in the Site Admin
  7. Leave everything else as default and click Save Changes

The code should be the same as the code of the unit that should be updated

Link/Group Activities to Grade Category
  1. Under the Select Column, tick the activities you want to link and group to the relevant grade category
  2. Under Move selected items to, choose the grade category
  3. Click Continue

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Mark Grades

When you are ready to start marking grades, simply follow the instructions on how to grade different activity types in Moodle, and the grade category outcome will get updated as appropriate

  • NOTE: To trigger the grade to be synced to Wisenet simply choose a ‘Competent’ and ‘Non Competent’ value in Wisenet and this will update the Outcome and Unit Enrolment End Date
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