How To Set Up Fee Types Dropdowns

Fee Types allows you to set fee structures and tax rates that can be used when creating an Application Payment Type in Sales+.

Required LRM Access: Owner or Admin or Sales Admin

NOTE: You will only be able to set up Fee Types if you have Billings and Payments enabled in Connected Apps.


Navigate to  LRM > Settings


  1. In the Configuration box, click Dropdown Lists
  2. Click Fee Type
  3. On the top right corner, Click Add Fee Types
  4. Enter a Fee Type Name
  5. Select a Tax Rate
  6. Enter a Default Amount
  7. Enter a Default Invoice Item Description
  8. Enter an Account Code and Account Description
  9. Use the Toggle to set Fee Type as Active
  10. (Optional) Click Add Another Fee Type if required
  11. Click Save
    • Your newly added Fee Type will now appear on the list

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