OLD – How to Set up a Moodle Integration User in your Wisenet Portal

Heads up! You are viewing an article about our old Moodle Connectors that will soon be retired. Go to New Elearning Integration

Moodle Integration will manage Authentication (logins) and Enrolment for your Learners. In order to do this, you will need to create a Wisenet User Account that your Moodle can use to go and view learner permissions in Wisenet.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Moodle and Moodle Integration

Required LRM Access: Admin Only


Set up a New User
  1. Navigate to Wisenet Portal 
  2. On the Top Navigation Bar, Click Users
  3. The Users Summary page will open, Click Send a New Invitation
  4. Use a first name and last name like ‘Moodle Connector’ (see example below)
  5. Use your own mobile number, since you will be setting up the account
  6. Use an email address that you can access, so you can retrieve the invitation and follow it up


  • Be sure to set the country code correctly for the mobile number so the invitation will work properly
  • Note that this service is not available for USA phone numbers at this time. See section below for workaround
  • Note that you still need to put a zero at the start of the mobile number


Set the required permissions for the account
  1. The user account should have ‘Admin’ permission in Wisenet. They do not need Admin permission in the Wisenet Portal



Retrieve the account invitation from the email address you selected, and follow the instructions to set up the new account


  • You need to select “Create as a New Account”
  • Make the username something easy to recognise – for example, you might make the user name ‘xxxmoodleconnctr’ so that any Portal Admin who is managing users will see what this account is for
  • Make sure the password is very strong. Record the password somewhere secure. You will need it when setting up the Moodle connector

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