How To Hide, Remove or Change an Agent from a Course Enrolment

A Course Enrolment can only be attached to one agent and promotion.  If you need to remove an Agent or change an Agent from a Learner’s Course Enrolment, you will need to follow these steps below.

Required Access: Owner, Admin


Navigate to LRM > Learners


  1. Search and Open the Agent you wish to Hide the contact to
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Contacts
  3. On the last column for the relevant contact, Set the Is Active Toggle to No
    • This Agent Contact is now Inactive
    • NOTES:
      • The Inactive Contact will still be linked to a Course Enrolment for history purposes
      • The Inactive Contact cannot be added to new relationships

We recommend to make an Agent Contact Inactive (see the Hide Tab on how to) in place of deleting a contact.

  1. Open the relevant Learner’s details page for the learner you wish to attach
  2. In the Enrolment section of the client page, Click on the name of the relevant Course Offer
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Agents
  4. Click Delete
    • A message will now appear advising that the agent has been removed
  5. Click Continue

To change an Agent for a Course Enrolment:

  1. Remove the existing Agent from the Course Enrolment as shown in the steps of how to remove agent
  2. Then, link a new Agent to the Course Enrolment

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