How To Locate and View URLs for your Wisenet Products

All Training Organisations who are using Wisenet have the Wisenet Learner App included with their licence. Training organisations may also choose to purchase our Online Enrolment module.  The Online Enrolment URL will only be available if your Training Organisation has purchased this product.

For your convenience, your Portal Administrator can view the URL for these products in your Wisenet Portal.  Only your Portal Administrator can view the URLs in the Portal – this function is not available to Portal Users.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Online Enrolment | Learner App

Required Portal Access: Admin Only


Navigate to your Wisenet Portal


In the Portal Profile Page, Click on the relevant icon

Click image to enlarge


  1. The URL will appear in a popup (e.g. as shown in the illustration for Learner App)
  2. Highlight the link with your mouse
  3. Right click the link and select Copy link
  4. You can then paste this link into an email or document and forward to the relevant staff (your IT Team or Web Developer)

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