OLD – How to Link your Wisenet Courses to Moodle

Heads up! You are viewing an article about our old Moodle Connectors that will soon be retired. Go to New Elearning Integration

Before you can link your Wisenet Courses to Moodle it is important to link the Moodle Course before you enable Moodle access for Learners.  If in case you enabled Moodle access before linking the course you will need to trigger learner auto-enrolment in Moodle.

Linking Wisenet Courses to Moodle consists of three steps.  Watch the following video or follow the instructions below.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Moodle, Moodle Integration

Required Moodle Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Set up your Enrolment Plugin 


Copy the correct Wisenet code(s) into the Wisenet Moodle connector enrolment method mapping field


  • This needs to be done for each Moodle course
  • You may find it helpful to use Notepad or another text editor and copy the code(s) you’ll be working with
  • The unit or course offer code is case-sensitive
  1. In Wisenet, copy the Course Offer Code or Unit Offer Code which you will be linking to the Moodle course.
  2. Go to the Moodle Course
  3. In the side navigation, under Course Administration > Users > Enrolment Method, click on Wisenet Moodle Connector
  4. Paste the Wisenet code(s) into the Moodle Connector Mapping field
    • To map multiple codes follow the instructions below:
      • Step 1: Enter the first code you want to paste and save changes. For example codeA
      • Step 2: Allow 10 minutes for the sync to occur
      • Step 3: Enter the second code before the first one, separated by a semicolon, and save changes. For example codeB; codeA
      • Step 4: Allow 10 minutes for the sync to occur and repeat step 3 if you need to paste more codes in
  5. Save Changes


The Unit Offer Code or Course Offer Code to be mapped must be identical in both systems, Wisenet and Moodle. If there is an error in the code being mapped (if it does not matched the code in Wisenet), the course(s) will not be linked.


Learner Access

After connecting your Wisenet Courses and your Moodle Courses, you’ll still need to make sure your Learners  have access to Moodle courses

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