How To Link Published Courses to your Public Website

Linking your Courses to you public website will help you make it easy for applicants to find their desired Courses, after you have published your Courses and have received applications. Once you have located the Online Enrolment URL, you have three options to choose from depending on how you want to use the URL on your public website.


Locate the Online Enrolment URL

The Online Enrolment URL will only be available if your Training Organisation has purchased our Online Enrolment module and only your Portal Administrator can view the URLs in the Portal.

How to Locate and View URL’s for your Wisenet Products


Choose from these three options

Single URL to Online Enrolment

This is the simplest option as it allows a single link on your website.

  • Get the Online Enrolment URL as per Step 1 above
  • Add this URL into an appropriate place on your website
    • This will allow potential Learners to click through to the Online Enrolment application
    • The Learner will then search, find and apply for their desired Course

Unique URL for each published course

Every Published Course has a unique URL for Online Enrolment for the potential Learner to:

  1. View the Published Course
  2. Apply for the published course

These URLs can be:

  • Emailed to specific groups of Learners
  • Manually used in webpages to have “Apply Now” buttons for specific Course content in public website

Deep Link Published Course information into public site

Dynamically show published Course information from Wisenet in specific web pages on your public website

  • E.g. Have a First Aid course web page and at the bottom show a control that has all published Course from Wisenet

Online Enrolment Deep Link

Next Step

You can automate your Online Enrolment process with Learncycle.  Learncycles will trigger once the application has been accepted and the application becomes an enrolment.

Simplify your Online Enrolment Process

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