How To Import Learncycle Activities

In order to minimise data entry related to adding Learncycle Activities to many pre-existing Course Offers, you have the option in Wisenet to Import Learncycle Activities from one Course Offer to another Course Offer.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Learncycle | Course Offers



Import Activities
  1. Open the Course Offer you want to import from
  2. From the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Learncycle
  3. Click on the Action Menu and Select Import Activities


Select which Course Offer you want to import Learncycle Activities from
  1. Select or start typing into the dropdown list
  2. This action will return a result of how many learncycle activities are in the selected Course Offer, e.g. ”the selected course offer has 5 activities”
  3. Click View activities in new tab to check that they are the correct ones you want to import
  4. Once sure, Click Import # activities

All the activity/activities from the selected course offer will be copied over to the current course offer.

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