How to Extend your Moodle Functionality via Plugins

You can extend the core functionality of Moodle via plugins.  The following steps are applicable if you are adding a plugin in to your Moodle database if hosted by Wisenet.

You can find a repository of all available plugins for Moodle on Moodle.org (see: Downloads).

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Moodle


Log a support request and post the URL for plugin from Moodle.org


Wisenet will then add the plugin to your database.

  • Some plugins are very simple to upload and some are quite complex. There generally will be no charge for simple plugins; however, we may charge you to upload more complex plugins due to the time involved.  We will always provide you with a quote before installing a plugin that we require payment for.
  • Wisenet cannot provide support or training on third party/contributed plugins. You can get community help at Moodle.org forums or contact the plugin developer/maintainer. For Moodle plugin directory plugins, there will be a contact link on the plugin download page.

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