How To Enrol Learner using Call Centre Wizard

Enrolling a Learner using the Call Centre Wizard is mainly used for Short Courses.

It allows you to Enrol Learners into One Unit Offer and also take payment.

When you enrol a Learner into a Unit Offer you are also enrolling them into the associated Course Offer

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Short Courses

Required LRM Access: Owner, Admin, PowerUser, User

Required Pre-Steps: Course Offers, Unit Offers


Select Unit Offer
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Learners
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Call Centre
  3. Enter part or all of the Unit Offer Code OR the Unit Description and then click Search (If you included the unit start date in the Unit Offer Description, type the date)   Example: 2310FIRSTAID.
  4. Click on Choose Unit.


Add Learner
  1. Type the name of your Learner then click Search.
    • If the Learner appears, click on their name
    • If the Learner does not appear, click on Add a New Learner to create their Learner record


If you click on Add a New Client, you will be prompted to add all their details

  • When finished editing Learner record, close the tab to return to the Call Centre
  • Repeat Step 5


Final Option

Choose whether to:

  • Record a payment
  • Register another Learner into the same unit
  • Finish
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