How To Enable HEIMS Admin and CHESSN Integration

Wisenet has an integration service with HEIMS Admin so you can check and allocate CHESSN numbers without having to log in separately to HEIMS Admin. This service needs to be enabled in Wisenet.

Required Knowledge: How VET Student Loans Work

Required Access: Portal Administrator

Required Pre-Steps: HEIMS HELP


Navigate to  Portal> My Account


Obtain Institutional Account

In order to access this service:

  1. You must have a Institutional Account HEIMS Admin login and password for this service
    • The HEIMS Admin login must be configured by HEIMS to permit the use of web services
      • Your username/password might work when logging into HEIMS online but not when connected to Wisenet
    • The provider must apply for the Access to HEIMS Web Service Environments Form


Add Details to Wisenet Account
  1. Portal> My Account
  2. Click on Show Settings
  3. Scroll down until you find the heading Wisenet
  4. There are 4 fields to populate
  5. For each field click Edit and enter the details
  6. Save

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