How To Add Industry Contacts

You can link relevant Industry contacts relating to your Courses such as:

  • Skills Councils
  • Government or Industry Bodies
  • Industry experts used in your Moderation processes
  • Training Organisations that you co-deliver with
  • Other persons or organisations
Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Main Industry Contacts

Required LRM Access: Admin


Add the Industry contact
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Organisation
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Setup
  3. Click Accred Body
  4. Click the Add new option
  5. Enter the details of the organisation or person
  6. Click update


Link the Industry contact to your Course
  1. On the Top Navigation Bar, click Courses
  2. Search and open the relevant Course
  3. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Accred Body
  4. Select the contact you wish to attach and click Add (Press CTRL to select multiple contacts)
  5. The contact has now been added
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