How To Add CHESSN number to Learner records

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: HEIMS Help

Required LRM Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Enable HEIMS Admin and CHESSN integration


Navigate to LRM > Client


There are two ways to enter in Learner CHESSN numbers

  1. Go to relevant Learner Profile
  2. Click Personal Details
  3. Action and Edit
  4. Scroll down to find the field CHESSN
  5. Click on the binoculars icon
  6. This will open a windo into the HEIMS Admin CHESSN web service
  7. Enter details
  8. Save
  1. Outside Wisenet, access HEIMS Admin
  2. Log in with your personal credentials and obtain the required number
  3. In Wisenet, go to the Learner Profile
  4. Click on Edit Personal Details
  5. Find the CHESSN field and enter the number
  6. Save
CHESSN number wont generate

If you receive a connection error  ‘An error has occurred. Unable to connect to VET Fee Help IT System at this time’  this maybe due to one of these things

  1. Have you established the CHESSN integration 
  2. Government server is down. Please try again later
  3. Your password to HEIMS has expired. Please check the following

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