How To Accept or Reject Online Enrolments

Once an online application has been received, your admissions team can then choose to either:

  • Process Application / Enrolment
  • Immediately Decline

Required LRM Access: Owner


Navigate to LRM > Sales


  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, click Online Enrolment
  2. A list of all enrolments will now appear with an Application Status
    • Unprocessed enrolments appear first
    • You can sort each column alphabetically by clicking on the column title


  1. To process or decline an Application, click on their name
  2. The details of the Application will now appear. Choose whether to Process Application / Enrolment or Immediately Decline the Application
    • If you click Immediately Decline, the process is done.
    • If you click Process Application / Enrolment
      • the ‘Find an existing Learner record for this Online Enrolment’ screen will now appear
      • Existing Learners that might match by Applicant name will appear
        • Matches: If a match appears and it is the applicant, click Add to this record
        • No Match: Click Create new learner record
        • If you accidentally create a duplicate Learner you can merge the duplicate records later


  1. The Applicant’s details now appear. The details will be divided into two columns:
    1. On the left, the details they entered in their application
    2. On the right, the details that will be saved into the LRM Learner record (if you are creating a new learner record, the two columns will be the same)
  2. If they are an existing Learner, check each field to see if there are any changes. If there are, you can click on the relevant arrow between the two columns to update the information that will save into LRM
  3. Enrolment Options: Does this Enrolment require an Application review process?
    1. Yes, Include Application Process
      1. This will create the record as an Application and allow you to complete your Application Review process
      2. Choose your desired Application Status, i.e. New; Pending; Reviewing; Rejected
    2. No, Quick Accept Application
      1. This skips the Application process and will create the record as a Course Enrolment
      2. Choose you desired Course Enrolment Status
  4. Click Save


A confirmation screen will now appear. From this screen you can choose where you want to navigate to:

  • View Learner details
  • View Course Enrolment details
  • Process another Online Enrolment

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