How are Wisenet Learners enrolled into Moodle

Learners will access Moodle via either direct login to Moodle or by clicking ‘eLearning’ in their Learner App login. Enabling access is easy once all of the previous configuration has been completed.

Before you begin

Required Knowledge: Moodle, Moodle Integration, Setting Learner Elearning Access

Required LRM & Moodle Access: Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Set up Moodle Integration Plugins, Correctly Link Wisenet and Moodle Courses


  • It’s best to set up the Moodle connection before enrolling learners. Learners who were already enrolled and Moodle access enabled before you set up Moodle course connections will not automatically come across. See Moodle Enrolments FAQ for more information
  • It takes up to 30 minutes for a learner who meets the above criteria to appear in the Moodle course


Learner has Wisenet Course Enrolments and/or Unit Enrolments that are linked to Moodle.

The Course Enrolment Status MUST be set to Current

Learn more? How to Enrol a Learner


Enable Learner Access

The Learner must have eLearning Access enabled at the Learner and Course Enrolment levels.

How to set up Learner Access


We recommend against using manual Moodle Enrolments in the event that Learners are not being enrolled into Moodle courses as expected, because any manual access will not expire or be able to be controlled via Wisenet.

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