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Workplaces can be used for tracking details for any type of employment or training based organisation.

A workplace may be:

  • An employer of your trainees and apprentices
  • An organisation where your learners have work experience or placements
  • Internal organisations or departments for employees who are learners
  • A school that your ‘VET in school’ learners attend
  • Delivery organisations


  • Keep a full record of learner position details (dates, pay, contacts, documents, tasks)
  • Specify what positions learners can have at each workplace
  • Record the contact details of key people such as Managers, Supervisors, On-job trainers and track the head office and its branches
  • Track workplace supporting information with File Notes
  • Record notes and documents with File Notes
  • Schedule and assign To Do items with Tasks
  • Track key information via Workplaces: Checklists

 How does it work?

Before you can link a learner to a Workplace you must set up a Custom Dropdown. There are three Custom Dropdowns that you can customise:

  1. Positions (mandatory for VET providers who will be using Workplaces)
  2. Workplace Classification (recommended)
  3. Pay level (optional)

How to Set Up Workplace Custom Dropdowns

Once you have set up Positions and other Workplace Custom Dropdowns you can add a Workplace directly into Wisenet or sync with SugarCRM.

How to Add Workplaces
Workplaces FAQ

A learner will not appear on a training plan or many workplace reports if you do not add the position to the learner. You can add:

  • One Workplace and one workplace position
  • One Workplace and multiple workplace positions
  • Multiple Workplaces

How to Link a Learner to a Workplace

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