Getting Started: Timetables and Attendance

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A Timetable is a collection of classes for a set time period. The Wisenet Timetable function is a scheduling tool that allows you to:

  • Record, track and monitor attendance
  • Schedule classes
  • Book training venues and teachers
  • Register Learners into scheduled classes
  • Produce class rolls
  • Automatically calculate a student’s attendance %
  • Generate reports for Courses or Learners that have minimum attendance requirements (eg. International Learners, licensing courses)

 How does it work?

Timetable= Overall grouping of classes

Classes= Scheduled periods of time where a Course or Unit is delivered eg Monday 16th 2-4pm Leadership in the Workplace

Clients= Learners are then registered against classes.

  • Timetables are not linked to a Course Offer
  • Attendance calculations is based on the classes within one Timetable – it is not calculated across multiple timetables (we recommend that you do not move a student from one timetable to another). However, you can run a report to monitor attendance in this circumstance.
  • You can schedule two or more classes to run at the same time and multiple classes on the same day

How to Set Up Venue / Classroom Custom Dropdowns

A Timetable can be viewed as an overall grouping of classes. You may have a timetable for Leadership in the Workplace but this is taught on several days at different times.

How to Add a Timetable

Classes in Wisenet are the scheduled time a certain Unit or subject may be delivered.

Add Classes to Timetables

As each class has their scheduled time individual Learners needs to be added to each class.

Add Learners to Classes

If a Learner is scheduled into two classes that overlap in time you will need to managed the clash.

Manage Timetable Clashes

Once timetables and classes are set up there are a number of options for viewing the Timetable and Classes from generating Class Roles to viewing Calendars in Learner App and Trainer App.

How to View Timetables and Classes

Monitoring attendance is critical for CRICOS but also, is a good indication of class participation rates.

Take Attendance 

How to Mark or Edit Attendance

Monitor Attendance

There are several different types of reports that can be generated to track attendance by individual Learners or class.

Attendance Reports and Rolls

Warning letter? 

How attendance is calculated

Classes can be updated individually or in bulk

How to Update Class Details

FAQ Timetables

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