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Wisenet Sales is powered by SugarCRM, the world’s leading provider of open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  SugarCRM and Wisenet work together so that you can manage opportunities in Sales and then convert a closed sale into an enrolment in Wisenet without rekeying data.

  • Platform integration
  • Data integration and easy sharing
  • Custom business applications

 How does it work?

Decide if:

  • SugarCRM is for you?  You can read more about SugarCRM
    • If Yes, decide if:
      • BYO SugarCRM, or
      • Wisenet hosting?

The Set Up process to configure SugarCRM to Wisenet is different depending on whether you are bringing your own (BYO) or Wisenet is hosting.

How To Set Up SugarCRM

You can import data into SugarCRM yourself by hovering on different sections and right-clicking.  We recommend that you check how SugarCRM fields map to your Wisenet database to ensure that your data is correctly synchronised.

How to Import Data into SugarCRM

Learn More?

  • Learn what data gets integrated
  • How To Synchronise Records across Applications

To export data to Wisenet you will need to create an account and attach contacts to the account.  Once contacts are attached, you will then need to create an Opportunity.

How to Create an Account

How to Attach Contacts to An Account

How to create an Opportunity

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