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A Learner is the person who is completing training. They enrol into Course Offers and Unit Offers where progression is tracked.


  • Learner information and relationship history
  • Enrolment progression
  • Reporting

 How does it work?

Types of Learners
  • Different details are required to be collected depending on the type of Learner
  • Usually the type of Learner depends on the type of Enrolment
    • Funding Type, International vs Local

Discover more about the Learner Lifecycle

Summary of Learner Field

Australian Client Profile

New Zealand Client Profile

Track the relationships that Learners have with industry through Workplace positions. This can also be completed after the Enrolment.

Link a Learner to a Workplace 

This stage starts when enrolling a Learner into a Course Offer. 

Their entire Enrolment progression management is tracked in through Enrolment

While some of these options can be completed prior to Enrolment, many of them would be started once the Learner confirms their Enrolment.

Prior to finalising a Learner record, the enrolment should first be finalised.

Finalise an Enrolment

Merge duplicate Learner records



International Learners

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