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Electronic learning (eLearning) in simple term means using your computer to deliver part, or all of a course.  It is learning that is conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet.  There is a wealth of interactive designs that makes eLearning engaging for the users and valuable as a training delivery medium.  Most training providers choose to use a Learning Management System (LMS) as a tool to manage their eLearning.

  • Design and Develop eLearning courses
  • Deploy eLearning courses
    • All your eLearning content in one location
    • Unlimited access to eLearning materials
    • Easy reporting on learner’s progress and performance
  • Time and cost effective
  • Compliant

 How does it work?

Depending on the type of courses and training you are delivering, decide whether eLearning will be beneficial for your organisation.

  • If Yes, do your homework around the type of LMS that fits your purpose. Example, Cloud Base or not.
  • If No, you may keep reading about this feature or search our Help Centre to learn more about other features

Taking the time to explore and choose an LMS that suits your needs make it easier to align training cost with desired business outcomes.

Not limited to, but some aspects to consider are:

  • How learners access their accounts
  • How easy is it for learners to sign on and begin training
  • Should you choose a ‘Self Sign Up’ system for your learners?
  • What information they use to log in
  • Where and how their personal information is stored
  • Type and level of access
  • How simple is it for the account manager to assign, manage and report on training
  • Are there additional features that you can choose later – how flexible are the functions
  • Cloud-hosting platforms or not, depending on the size of your training organisation
  • Is this LMS commonly used in your industry and does it have good recommendations. For example Moodle which is the most used learning platform in the Training Industry

If you are considering Moodle as your prefered LMS platform, learn about Moodle Integration with Wisenet, or you can read more about BYO LMS

Use plugins to meet your Learning and Development strategies. Wisenet can assist you with the following Plugins for your LMS:

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