Getting Started: eCAF (Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form)

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eCAF allows you to provide the department information for those Learners who have expressed interest in accessing HELP loan.

The eCAF system does not verify eligibility of a Learner to access HELP Loan – this remains the responsibility of the Provider.

 How does it work?

eCAF is a requirement of VET Student Loans. The eCAF system allows you to provide enrolment information to the government for Learners who have expressed an interest in accessing a HELP loan.

Wisenet’s eCAF integration allows RTOs  to send Course Enrolment information directly from Wisenet to eCAF and be informed when a Learner ‘completes’ this process; making eCAF easy and automated. This allows you to perform most or all of your eCAF requirements from Wisenet. The eCAF process can be separated into 3 main stages:

Send enrolment to eCAF

  • The information required for eCAF is generated from Wisenet. This means you save time by not entering this information into eCAF manually.
  • All you will need is your username and password specifically for API access (the format is ####ecafapi)
  • You can view the status either in eCAF or directly from Wisenet.

Process eCAF in Wisenet

eCAF Progression

eCAF Integration with Wisenet allows you to send Learner details directly from your account.

How to Set Up eCAF Integration

eCAF Provider Login

After the Cooling off period you can submit to eCAF

How to send Enrolment details to eCAF 

eCAF submissions can be monitored from within Wisenet.

How to Monitor and Change eCAF Submissions

As of July 2017 progression summaries will need to be sent.

Student Engagement and Progression summary

These can be sent from Wisenet.

How to Request VSL Progression Form




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