Getting Started: Checklists

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Checklists can be added to all record types to collect additional data unique to your Training Organisation’s requirements. This information can be used to track progress or to display required content in custom reports eg. Letter of Offer and Training Plan.


  • Ensure that your processes are adequately mapped and steps are not being missed
  • Gain transparency into the progress of specific processes
  • Provides flexibility in collecting customised data requirements that can then be used in reports

 How does it work?

Checklists must first be added before they can be linked to records.

Discover how Checklists can be used within each record type relevant to your needs.

Checklist suggestions and examples

Staff with an Admin security level can create, edit or delete Checklist Items.  While staff with a User security level can Link Checklists to a Record.

How to add, edit or delete a Checklist Item

After you have set up your Checklist items you need to link them to a Record.

How to link Checklists to a Record

You can Add, Remove and Update Checklists in bulk and Set Defaults Enrolment Checklists using Enrolment Checklist Templates to automate the process.

How to Bulk Add, Remove and Update Checklists

How to Set Up Enrolment Checklist Templates

Checklist FAQ


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