Funding Source Code 31 for SDR

Funding Source Code 31 is required for Non-funded confirmed student enrolments. This funding code is for students who have withdrawn from a programme before completing 10% of the programme but for whom fees have been received. It is best to refer to the specifications from TEC Confirmed Student Enrolments regarding this change.

Non-funded confirmed student enrolments
Non-funded confirmed student enrolments is defined as:
  • Any Unit Enrolment that is funded due to progressing beyond the refund date but before becoming eligible for TEC funding
  • Any Unit Enrolment that withdraws between refund date and TEC eligible for funding date should be set to have code 31
Required Changes

Any Unit Enrolment where the withdrawal date is between the Refund Date and the TEC eligible for funding date.

Unit Enrolment:

  • Funding Source Code = 31
  • Withdrawal Date = Date of Withdrawal
  • Outcome = 4
  • EFTS value will not be changed

These updates can be done individually or in bulk. How to Bulk update Unit Enrolment


The information provided is based on our interpretations of the requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant. If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact us.

Withdrawal at Course Vs Program Level

The requirements are different depending on whether withdrawals are done at the Course (Wisenet Unit) or Program (Wisenet Course) level.

See the following scenarios to assist with determining what values to set for each Unit Enrolment.

Withdrawal by Course: Refunds are given per course

Withdrawal by Program: Refunds are only at the Program level

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