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Why am I getting an error in our payment with exclusion reason saying “eCAF Student ID does not match the Client Ref ID?

The Reason:

This is due to old students coming in from Data Import with Client Ref (Export) number as their Student ID.  RTO would have no issue reporting to HEIMS, due to our export files are all referencing to Client Ref (Export) number.

The issue is coming from manual eCAF submission, where Client RefInternal number was included as the Student ID. Using different Student ID as mentioned will lead to error while reporting “VSL Export Data E313 Student Identification Code”. It does not match the departments eCAF record for this student and so an error is occurring.

The Solution as suggested by HEIMS:

Submit a student concordance submission file in HEPCAT. This will add the Client RefInternal student ID number as an alternate ID (both will then be in HEIMS) and it will solve the problem.

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