How to create Private course links (Deep Links) for Online Enrolment

Once you have followed the process of publishing the courses online, you will see all the details of the published courses on the Sales > Online enrolment page. If you are wanting to allow the end user to skip the Online Enrolment search process and instead provide them with an “Apply Now” button, follow the steps below.

Here is how to obtain the links from Wisenet:


Create Private Course links
  1. Select to View Published Offers by clicking on Published Offers – Here you will see the list of courses you are offering in Online Enrolment
  2. At the end of the course name you will see 3 icons. Click the middle icon. This will open a pop-up window that shows two hyperlinks
    • The first will take you to the course description within Online Enrolment
    • The second will take you to the first step of the enrolment wizard
  3. Copy the desired link and put it in your website


To ensure that your prospective students don’t see other published courses, please switch on the Private Course Mode setting in your portal settings. This will hide all Course Search functionality so that all published courses are private. Access to courses will be available only via direct links.

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