How are you using Learncycles?

We implemented Wisenet 6 months ago. We have transitioned from a very manual and time consuming process, to making most things automated. Currently we use Learncycles to do everything to do with enrolment of a student such as creating an offer of place, creating confirmations, receipts, agent receipts and, emails to students.

To do this we are creating tasks among our different departments so we are reducing emails, notes that are placed on desks and lost, and conversations that are forgotten. Everything is done through a status reason which will set a task/email or action for something to happen.

It is very easy to set all of this up. All it takes is for you to sit down and think of the current process, what you would like to send when, and what is required of other people.

Wisenet staff are happy to guide you in the best ways to start. Once you have a couple of Learncycles set up you’re on a roll. Happy Learncycling! – Morgan, New Zealand

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