View and Access Wisenet Applications

All Organisations who are using Wisenet have the Wisenet LRM included with their licence. There are some applications that are free integration and others that your organisations may also choose to purchase.



Access your Applications
  1. Log in to your Wisenet Portal
  2. Click the icon in the Portal Profile Page

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The main Application you will need to know at this stage is your LRM; this is where you access your Wisenet Account. LRM

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The LRM is the main Application for use. This is where you access your main Account.

learner app

The Learner App is another way you can connect easily with your Learners.

Before copying the link and giving Learners access certain pre-steps need to be performed.

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online enrolment

This feature is an additional paid application for your license. It allows Learners to enrol online and key information to be populated into Wisenet.

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This feature is an additional paid application for your license. Our e-Learning Application allows you use online learning for your delivery.

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The CRM functionality in Wisenet will help track business leads for your organisation through recording Opportunities. It is generally used for marketing and sales however, it has many other uses.

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The Applications of Xero and Survey Monkey are free when on a Standard or Premium license. However, you will need to have a subscription with these companies.


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  Hover around the interactive image below to get an insight and familiarise yourself with all the different sections on the Portal Dashboard.

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