Moodle Integration / Connector

How does Wisenet integrates with Moodle?

The Wisenet Moodle Connector plugins allows you to link Wisenet and Moodle to simplify the eLearning Enrolment,  Access and Grading processes.

It provides a single sign on capability for your Learner, and it’s auto-enrolment feature reduces admin time, while data mapping function leaves less room for error.

FYI: Our Integration plugins are compatible with Moodle version 2.7 +

Still on an old Moodle version and want to upgrade? Learn More about our Moodle Upgrade process.


Before you begin, you need to:

  1. Correctly configure Moodle
  2. Set up your Moodle Courses
  3. Set up Wisenet Course Offer
  • If Wisenet is NOT hosting Moodle for you then you only require our Wisenet Moodle Connector plugins.  Read how to get started below.
  • If you have a different LMS? See our LMS Integration Options.
  • If Wisenet is hosting Moodle for you, you can read more about Moodle, and request for a demo session with our Moodle trainer.

 How to get started with Wisenet Moodle Integration plugins?

1: Create Moodle Integration Wisenet User Account

Moodle Integration will manage Authentication (logins) and Enrolments for your Learners. In order to do this, you will need to create a Wisenet User Account specific for Moodle to connect to Wisenet.

Watch the following video or click on the link below to follow step by step instructions:

How to Set Up a Moodle Integration User in your Wisenet Portal

2: Install and Configure your Moodle Integration Plugins

Setting up your Moodle Integration should be a one time process. To reach the milestone of streamlined automation, some complex setup is required. These steps are designed to guide you to Set Up Moodle Integration Plugins.

2.1: (Optional) Set up Grade Synchronisation

The Moodle Grade Connector allows grading in Moodle to update Wisenet Unit Enrolment Outcomes and End Dates.

How to Set up Grade Synchronisation in Wisenet and Moodle

It is important to link the Wisenet Course Offers or Unit Offers before you enable ELearning access for students.

How to link your Wisenet Courses to Moodle  

After setting up all previous steps you can now test the process. This is best done with a test record.

Add a Learner to Wisenet and enrol into an appropriate Wisenet course that is linked to a Moodle Course. Enable Learner App and eLearning access and use the username/password to login to Moodle. Ensure you can login to Moodle and have access to the right Moodle Course.

Wisenet Portal Learner App

Configure your Learner App to have the eLearning section enabled. You can then test again by logging into the Learner App.

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