Moodle Enrolments FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ page. Here we will try to answer your most common questions about this feature.  If you cannot find your question from the list provided, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page in the ‘Comment’ section with your relevant question and we will update the list if applicable.

Before you log a support

Here are a few things you can try to figure out why your learners aren’t in your Moodle course. Remember it takes up to 30 minutes for changes to appear in your Moodle. If a learner tries to log in before then, the system will do a ‘fast-track’, check their access rights and let them in if all is set up correctly.


Do NOT use manual enrolments

We recommend against using manual enrolments in the event that learners are not being enrolled into Moodle courses as expected, because any manual access will not expire or be able to be controlled via Wisenet.

Learner can’t log in

If a learner is enabled for Moodle but cannot access:

  1. Check their user account in Moodle. If you see this ‘Manual Account’ setting, change it to read ‘WiseNET LDAP server’ (refer to screenshot)
  2. Which was set up first? Moodle Course ID or Learner Moodle access?  If you enabled learner Moodle access before you pasted the Wisenet code into the Moodle course ID then you will need to do one of these two steps to trigger automatic Moodle enrolment:
    • Either, switch off Moodle access for these learners and then switch it back on again
    • Or, reset the Moodle Connector Synchronisation by going to Moodle Site Administration > Plugins > Enrolment > WiseNET Moodle Connector, clicking Reset Last Run Time and then clicking Save as this will force the connector to check all records
No learners are being enrolled into any Moodle courses

If no user accounts or enrolments are coming across from Wisenet to Moodle, narrow down the issue by checking the following:

1 . The connector is switched on at Site Administration > Plugins > Enrolments > WiseNET Moodle Connector (refer to screenshot)

2. The connector is linking at the expected level according to what your organisation has chosen (refer to screenshot for an example where the Connector is linked at the Unit Offer level.  You can see the Wisenet screen on the let hand side and the Moodle screen on the right hand side)

See how to link your Wisenet Courses to Moodle

3. Moodle course is ‘available to students’ – adjust this in Course Administration > edit settings or with the open and closed eye icons in Site Administration > Courses. Note that a course in a hidden category will also be hidden from learners

4. Moodle course start date is earlier than today, end date later than today

5. Moodle course is linked to the offer that the learner is enrolled in (the corresponding Wisenet code must be exact, is case-sensitive, should have no extra spaces or other characters. Separate multiple Wisenet codes with semi-colons.  See how to link your Wisenet Courses to Moodle

6. If you set up enrolments before you entered the Wisenet code into the Moodle course, then reset the Moodle connector synchronisation by going to Moodle Site Administration > Plugins > Enrolment > WiseNET Moodle Connector, clicking Reset Last Run Time and then clicking Save

7. Learners ‘Learner App’ account is active; Moodle access is enabled overall and also enabled for the relevant Course Offer. To check this: go to the Course Offer, click on Reports in the left navigation, and click on Moodle Access with Unit Enrolments

How to reset the Connector between Moodle and Wisenet

If you have checked all the steps above and enrolments are still not coming across from Wisenet to Moodle, try this to reset the connector between Moodle and Wisenet

  1. Go to Site Administration > Plugins>Enrolments > WiseNET Moodle Connector
  2. At the bottom of the screen, change Enable WiseNET Moodle Connector enrolments to No and Save changes
  3. Change Enable WiseNET Moodle Connector enrolments back to Yes and Save changes
  4. Wait 30 minutes to allow background synchronisation to run
Learner(s) can’t access their Moodle course

If learners cannot access their Moodle course, narrow down the issue by checking the following:

1 . As the teacher or administrator can you see these learners in this Moodle course? (Under Course Adminstration > Users > Enrolled Users)


2 . Can any learners see/access this Moodle course?


3 . Can these learners see other Moodle courses?


4 . Can these learners log into Moodle/Learner App?

Learner(s) cant access their Moodle Grades, Resources and Activities

Can any learners see/access this Moodle course?


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