How To Submit NZQA QE1 Export

If you are required to complete NZQA Qualification Completion – QE1 reporting, it is important that you incorporate specific NZQA field collection and processes into your Course Offer, Learner and Enrolment setup. The requirements change slightly depending on you Set up your Wisenet database for correct reporting.

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Successful NZQA QE1 Reporting

Each Tab represents a different stage in your NZQA QE1 reporting.  Click on each Tab for instructions on what needs to be completed for successful reporting.

If you are required to complete NZQA reporting, it is important that you incorporate specific NZQA field collection and processes into your  Course OfferLearner and Enrolment setup. Spending a little more time upfront can save a lot of time later.

Learn More about Field Guidelines

Before you can set up for correct reporting you need to understand the reporting requirements especially surrounding what data collection is required.

NZQA File Guidelines outlines each field that is in the NZQA files and provides required information regarding collection and location in Wisenet.

Set up your Wisenet database for NZQA unit standard record of achievement reporting

  1. Set Up Units
    • Each Unit Standard must be set up as a unit in your Wisenet Learner administration database.  Make sure the Is Unit Standard box is checked
  2. Set Up Unit Offers
    • Create offers of each unit standard
    • (Optional) Set up unit groups to manage groups of unit standards
  3. Enrol Learners into Unit Offers
  4. Modify Unit Offer enrolment details
    • The ‘NZQA result’ field of the unit offer enrolment must contain a result for the unit enrolment to appear in the export: ‘C’, ‘CR’, ‘A’, ‘M’ OR ‘E’
    • If another organisation is reporting/has reported this competency and you still want to enter an NZQA code, use the code ‘PC’ (previously completed). Records with this code will not appear in the export
    • The client unit offer enrolment end date must not be blank or in the future

While not strictly required it is recommended as it allows you to proactively complete data integrity checks to ensure

  • The right amount of data is being reported
  • There isn’t any incorrect data

Run Report #2027 – Data Integrity to check which clients and results are ready to export.

Learn More? Learn about Data Integrity Reports for NZ

Once you are ready to export the NZQA Qualification Achievement – QE1 data you can follow the export steps:


If you have more than one course offer in this export batch, the location code will be taken from the first one processed. We recommend that you always only process offers from a single location in the same batch. For maximum safety, process only one course offer per batch.

Steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to LRM > Report
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Exports
  3. Click NZQA Export
  4. Click NZQA Qualification Export
  5. Click to select which offers you want to export
  6. Optional: adjust email address if required
  7. Click Export Selected Course Offers. An email containing the export file will be sent to the specified email address
  8. Archive this attached file (it will not be so easy to find in the system)
  9. For the enrolments you have exported, reset the “request type” to be blank by going to course offer>enrolments>bulk update course enrolments
    • This will prevent these records from showing again in the export. If you need to re-export, you can always switch this field back on to the required request type and export again

You may come across some common validation errors when you run your exports. Check out the list we have compile together for you and how to troubleshoot NZQA Export Errors.

NZQA Export Errors

How to Reject an Export Run


Each record will only be exported once. If you find there is a problem with a record when you review the file, you will need to reject the batch, correct the error(s) and repeat the export.

Steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to LRM > Reports
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Exports
  3. Click NZQA Export
  4. Click NZQA Result Export History
  5. Click the link that says Reject

The information provided is based on our interpretations of the requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant. If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact us.

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