How to Set Up USI Verification

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Device AUSkey, USI

Required LRM Access: Portal Admin

Required Pre-Steps: Register your RTO for USI verification services go to USI website for training providers and follow the steps.


Set Up for Verification
  • You MUST use device name – cloudservices.wisenet.co
  • DO NOT use Chrome for this step
  1. Log into your AUSkey manager
  2. Select Register for a new Device AUSKey from the left hand menu
  3. Once the Device AUSKey is created, a keystore link will be emailed to the ‘custodian’ for that Device AUSKey
  4. Follow the link in the email and follow the instructions to install the keystore
  5. You will need to select a location on your computer or USB stick where you are going to save the Device AUSKey XML file.
  6. You will need to nominate a password for the Device AUSKey


Enable Verification with Wisenet
  • Open keystore file in Notepad.  DO NOT open in Word- otherwise, it will not work.
  • Use Notepad or equivalent and NOT a web browser or other application. If you open it with a web browser, the browser will add ‘junk code’ to your keystore that will cause errors and prevent Wisenet USI verification services from working
  1. Find the folder/drive/location where you saved the keystore (the Device AUSKey XML file)
  2. Right-click the keystore file – it will be an XML file – and select ‘Open with …’ and open it with Notepad.
  3. Copy all the XML code
  4. In your Wisenet Portal go to My Account
  5.  Update the USI application settings and update the following settings:
    • USI Organisation Code (training provider code)
    • USI Device AUSkey Keystore XML (paste the XML code)
    • USI Device AUSkey Keystore Password (this is the password created during the device key install process, it is not the password for your whole AUSKey account)
    • USI Device AUSkey Keystore Name (only required if the keystore has multiple devices in it) eg ABRD:50xxxxxxxxxx_cloudservices.wisenet.co


Test the Verification
  1. To check if the USI Device AUSKey has been installed correctly you will need to Generate Report 0449. 
  2. Filter report by ClientUSIStatusDate = This Year
  3. If you receive one of these error messages the Device AUSKey has been installed correctly.
    • If verification status = verified or invalid then it’s working.
  4. If you receive one of these error messages the Device AUSKey has not been installed correctly and you will need to repeat the steps again.
    • Error extracting certificate
    • Error extracting credential ID from keystore.xml
    • Keystore password check failed
    • Failed. Check the status reason to see why the service couldn’t connect
    • Blank.  The settings have not been entered into the Wisenet portal.

Learn More? How to Generate a Basic Report and USI Verification Error Messages

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If a USI has not been verified you will see this error icon

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