How To Set Up Overnight Automation to Generate Invoices / CANs

In Wisenet, you can set up an activity to automatically send Invoices / CANs to Learners by email.  You do so by specifying how many days in advance you want your chosen Automated CAN template to be sent along with your chosen message template.  Every night the service will automatically check for course enrolments that have a matching unit of study enrolment census date and the CAN or Invoice will be automatically generated and sent individually by email to the Learner.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Invoice / CAN | uReport

Required LRM Access: Admin Only

Required Pre-Step: Your Invoice and Message Template have been set up.



  1. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Overnight Automation
  2. Click on the Add Activity menu and Select Send CAN/VFH Invoice
  3. Enter a Name – the name you type in the Name box will be shown in the overnight automation activity list, e.g. Send CAN/Invoice
  4. In the Send the document section, Select the number of days in advance or arrears of the census date, e.g. 15 calendar days before or after the unit of study enrolment census date
  5. Filtering by delivery organisation is optional
    1. It allows you to add more specific filtering where the Invoice/CAN will only be automated for Course Offers with a specific Delivery Organisation value
    2. This is useful when you need to generate Invoice/Assistance Notice for VFH or VSL or FeeHelp
  6. Choose which students should receive the Invoice/Assistance Notice
    1. This allows additional filtering to only generate where Accessed VFH/VSL/FH is true
  7. Select the CAN or Invoice uReport template
  8. Select an Email template
  9. Click Save

The uReport will be generated and individually sent to each applicable Learner by email as an attachment and a copy of the uReport document and email message will be saved against the Course Enrolment Logbook.


Monitor your CANs / Invoices

Automated events can save a lot of manual processes however it is important to monitor that the automation is working as expected. Especially when first configuring the automation.

VSL Documents not received by Learner

CANs / Invoice Generation and Email processes can fail if:

  1. the template design contains errors
  2. incomplete or incompatible learner/enrolment data that does not meet the template requirements
  3. issue with automation configuration
  4. email address or delivery issues
  5. an unexpected service fault

Usually once the templates are setup and tested they are robust and the most common reason for failure is due to (2) or (3). The automated document generation will only occur if there are matching enrolments. So if enrolments are added without Units of Study or with Census Dates that no longer match automated setup logic then they will never generate.

In rare situations the Wisenet service may not work (4) or (5). However this can be tracked by:
i) Email delivery failure (4) will create a task against the Course Enrolment
ii) Failed automations appear in report 0555 which can be subscribed to

It is important to regularly check that the right CANs / Invoices are going to the right Learners.  Generate Report 0555 to get a report on all CANs and Invoices that has been generated.

Test Overnight Automation

  1. Setup the Overnight Automation and your Enrolments
  2. Run report 0778 with a generation date in the next month
  3. Cross check data in the report to ensure that expected enrolments are appearing and that the generation dates and documents are as expected
  4. On the generation date go to the Course Enrolment record and ensure that the generated document and Email is in the Logbook

NOTE: The data in report 0778 is only accurate as of the time running the report. Cannot run this report looking at old records and determine why automated documents did not generate as the Enrolment records or Automated Setup could have been different at that time.

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