How To Send a Message

Sent messages can be saved either against the Client Logbook or the Course Enrolment Logbook.

The Course Enrolment Logbook is where most messages are sent from, e.g. Bulk messages, uReport message(s) and Automated message(s).   If your record does not have a Course Enrolment yet, then your sent messages will be saved against the Client Logbook.

You have different options of where from and how to send a message in Wisenet.  Further details for each options are provided below.  Select the one that is most relevant to you and follow the recommended steps.



Message Sending Locations

You can send a message to an individual Learner from any of these places:

From the Client Profile Page
From the Course Enrolment Logbook

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You can send messages in bulk to Learners enrolled in the same Course Offer.

  1. Navigate to the relevant Course Offer
  2. From the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Enrolments
  3. Click the first Tick Box to select all Learners enrolled in the Course Offer or individually tick the Learners you want to send a message to
  4. At the bottom of the page, Click the Action Dropdown box and Select Send Messages

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Before you generate a uReport

  • Create and upload your templates
  • Add learners records and course enrolments
  • Always test your template first

Generated uReport can be sent as messages and will be saved as logbook file notes.  A message will be emailed to the chosen recipient(s).  Messages will be sent individually, so learners/clients will not see staff addresses or each other’s addresses.

While uReport is only available at Course Enrolment level, you can send your generated uReport from any of these places:

From Client Profile Page
From Course Enrolment Logbook

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This is where you can automate your message sending process.  With Learncycle you can set conditions of when certain activities are triggered in Wisenet, for the system to automatically send a message to a Learner or Learners at the specified time and date.  The sent message will be saved in the Client Course Enrolment Logbook.

  1. Navigate to LRM > Course Offers> Learncycle
  2. Click Action > Add Learncycle Activity
  3. Select the trigger condition.
    • When …
      • Course enrolment is created
      • Enrolment status is changed to <you choose>
      • Enrolment status reason is changed to <you choose>
  4. Select the Send Message activity

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The link below provides you with an overview of emails that can be sent from different features in Wisenet.

Emails from the Wisenet system


Messaging Options

When sending a message you have the following options to select from:

Either Choose to Compose a Message
Or Choose to use a Message Template


  • You can use HTML coding if you wish or simply use the built in rich text editor to style your content with headings, insert web images, etc.
  • Click this icon in the message body editing toolbar to toggle html source code view
  • DO NOT copy/paste from MS Word/Office, as these apps can leave a lot of hidden tags and formatting that can make your message display strangely. View the html source code to check this!

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