How To Modify and Delete a Wisenet User

As a Portal Administrator you will be able to modify and/or delete users if required.

Before you begin:

Required LRM Access: Admin Only


Log in to Wisenet > Users


  1. The Manage Users Summary page will open – for each profile, this will list the number of:
    • Current Users
      • By clicking on the number of Current Users, you should be able to see who is currently logged in under the Logged into Wisenet column
    • Invitations that have been sent, accepted, expired, declined and cancelled
      • Click on the number under each status to view more details if needed
  2. Identify the User. There are two ways to search to view current users:
    • Click on the current user number for the relevant profile, or
    • In the Profile drop down, select the relevant profile
  3. A list of users matching your search will be returned. Click Modify at the far right under Action
  4. The User’s current access will appear

Click image to enlarge

  1. Select the access you wish to give them.
  2. Click Save

Note: Assigning access level Admin against setting Portal will make that user a Portal Administrator.

For more information on access levels see Wisenet User Access Levels

  1. Click None for each product
  2. Click Save
  3. This will permanently delete the user account from the Wisenet Portal for this organisation. You will be presented with a warning message, click Ok

If the Portal Administrator leaves the Institute and there is no 2nd Portal Administrator a formal letter from the Managing Director or CEO to Wisenet is required authorisation.

If a member of staff leaves the organisation is it crucial that their access be removed; otherswise, they will still be able to make changes to your account.

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