How To Generate a Credential

Generating a Credential is achieved using the uReport feature.  It uses Credential template documents to format and input required Credential information.

If this is the first time your company is generating Credentials we recommend to first test the process using our generic templates. Then once confident with the process you can create you custom templates for live situations.

Before you begin:

Required Knowledge: Credentials | uReport

Required Pre-Steps: Have at least one Course Enrolment set up and depending on the Credential template have Unit Enrolments with appropriate Outcomes.


Prepare Course Enrolments

Note: If you already have your Course Enrolments set up, go to Step 2.

A Credential will only generate when a Course Enrolment exists and depending on the Credential Template have Unit Enrolments with appropriate Outcomes. This is because some Credential Templates are designed to only show competent Unit Enrolments.

It is important to have all appropriate fields that will be inputted into your Credential correctly set up against the Learner and Course Enrolment.

Note:  For the purpose of testing you could create a dummy Course Offer and Enrolments.

Learn how to Add Course Enrolments


Request Credentials

The process for generating Credentials has two steps; Requesting and Issuing. This allows:

  • Requesting to be completed across many different Course Enrolments prior to a bulk issue process
  • Separation of permissions where only Admin users can Issue however other users can Request

Requesting can be completed individually per Course Enrolment or in bulk from the Course Offer.

  1. Navigate to LRM > Clients
  2. Search and Open the Client Profile Page
  3. In the Enrolment Details section, Click the Action Menu for the relevant Course Enrolment, Select View Credentials
  4. Click Action Menu and Select Add New
  5. Fill out the relevant details (the fields that are greyed out will be automatically populated)
  6. Click Save
  1. Navigate to LRM > Course Offers
  2. Search for your Course Offer
  3. Under the Actions column, Click on the Action Menu and Select View Enrolments
  4. Tick all the enrolments that you wish to generate a Credential for
  5. At the bottom of the page, in the Action Menu, select Request credential
  6. Enter the details of the credentials you wish to generate
  7. If you wish to generate the credentials immediately – tick the check box for Go to qReport Credential Register when complete?
  8. Otherwise, Click Request Credential


Issue Credentials

During the Issue process there are two options; Preview and Issue.

It is recommended to Preview credentials as this allows you to:

  • Do a quick check that there are no obvious problems before you Issue the Credentials
  • If testing a new template, you can continually preview, review, change template, repeat until the template is correct

Note: Issued Credentials CANNOT be deleted so we highly recommend you preview before issuing.

Note: This step is only available for user with an LRM Admin role.

  • Navigate to LRM > Reports
  • On the Left Navigation Bar, Click Credentials Register
    • Note: Skip this step if you elected to go to the Credentials wizard during the request step above
  • In the Status radio buttons at the top of the page, ensure that credential status Requested is selected
  • Tick the Learner(s) that you wish to Preview / Issue Credentials for
    • Note:
      1. Search by Learner or Credential name if required, Or
      2. If you have just arrived from a course offer as in Step 1, the Learner credentials you just requested should be selected

Follow either the Preview or Issue steps.

Having selected the relevant Learners:

  1. At the bottom of the page, In the Select Menu, select Preview
  2. This will take you to the Log History page where you will be able to review generated files
    • If the format and content of the selected credentials are correct, Click Issue Selected Credentials
    • If the format and content of the selected credentials are NOT correct, Make required changes to the credential template or enrolment details and Click Preview Again
      • If layout and formatting is not correct
  3. If after Previewing you are ready to Issue, Click Issue selected credentials and follow Issue instructions.

Click image to enlarge

Note: If your Credential is not showing correctly?

Check out the specific Credential FAQ page to learn more before you issue your credentials.

Issue Credential Wizard

  1. Select Yes or No, If this is the Final Qualification
    • If you select NO, the following changes will be made on “Issue”:
      • Credential Status will be set as “Issued”
      • The document will be saved against the client credentials
    • If you select Yes:
      1. The following changes will be made on “Issue”:
        • Credential Status will be set as “Issued”
        • The document will be saved against the client credentials
      2. The following Course Enrolment changes occur:
        • Qual Issued flag will be ticked
        • Parchment number will be set to the Credential Number
        • You will be able to set Issued Date
  2. Record a credential status reason
  3. Optional: Tick Produce mail merge excel file for batch of clients
  4. Click Issue which will commence the generation process

Click image to enlarge

Note: If you have any issues during uReport generation then please use the following troubleshooting guide to see how to resolve them.

uReport Troubleshooting Guide

Note: When Credentials are generated it:

  • Saves individual Credential file against the Learner’s Credential record
  • Collates all generated Credentials into a single combined file for easy printing available in log history


A print version is generated which combines all of the selected credentials in a single PDF.

  1. From the Log History, Click the Credential you wish to print
  2. The Credential will open as a PDF ready for you to Print

Note about Log History in the Credential Wizard

On the 1st of each month, all Log History files more than 7 days old are deleted.  However, this does NOT affect the Credential Register or PDF copies of credentials stored against Learner records.

The Credential Register of all issued credentials is still preserved and maintained against each client’s enrolment. You can use Reports 0323 and 0411 to obtain the full Credential Register.

Next Step

You may be finished at this point or you may wish to Create your Custom Credential Template

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