Getting Started: Unique Student Identifier (USI)

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The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is an Australia-wide student number which allows students to track their training records across all Australian states and territories. Almost all accredited VET training organisations are required to collect USIs.  

Note: USI Transcripts are updated by NCVER after end of year data submissions. Any data submitted through NCVER gets pushed to USI by the department thereon after.


  • Record the USI against the Learner’s profile
  • Verify Learner’s USI’s using the USI Integration
  • Generate reports against each USI
  • To meet compliance obligations
  • Automatic verification saves you time
  • Notifies you when a Learner’s USI is not valid

 How does it work?

To enable an automatic verification of USIs with Wisenet your account needs to be connected.
How to Set up for Verification

Once you have connected the USI service with Wisenet you can collect a Learner’s USI. This can be done using

  • Manual process
  • Learner App
  • Online Enrolment
  • Learncycle

How to Collect USI

After USIs are collected, ongoing monitoring of their verification is required. Verification errors occur due to incorrect or missing data. If USI verification fails Wisenet will send a nightly verification summary email to your “AVETMISS Export Email” as set up in the Wisenet Portal.

If USI’s are not verified you will see an error message:

  • You can discover what has caused the error by looking at the USI Verification Error Messages
  • You can also generate a specific report to find USI’s that have not been verified and what has caused the error. How to Monitor USI Verification

Some Learners do not require a USI. These Learners still however require a value entered into the USI field. If one of the following codes are used in place of an actual USI values, the Learner will not be able to access training details on the new USI transcript system.

The following codes must be used.

  1. INTOFF – Use this code in the USI field for International Offshore Students
    • To use this the Client’s address must have a Country other than Australia
      • This is so that the Postcode will be set to ‘OSPC’
      • Training activity cannot have the Funding Source National code – ‘20’ (domestic client – other revenue)
  2. SHORT – use this code in the USI field for Learners in eligible Short Course
    • If a Learner participating in a Short Course does have a USI this can be added
  3. INDIV
    • Some Learners can have special exemptions. You can enter this code for these Learners.


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