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Wisenet has an integration with SurveyMonkey that allows:

  • sending a survey to a selected list of Learners from within Wisenet
  • showing survey statistics (collectors, urls and response)
  • Obtain timely feedback from Learners and Staff for continual improvement
  • Customise surveys with your own branding (themes and logos)
  • Easy reporting and sharing of analysed survey results

 How does it work?

While SurveyMonkey offers a free edition, this edition does not allow integration with other applications and is also limited to the number of questions and responses per survey.

The minimum edition that is required is the Select Edition.

The SurveyMonkey Plans and Pricing page will help you understand the available options and how to subscribe.

Only one SurveyMonkey account can be connected to a Wisenet account at any one time. You need Portal Admin access to connect SurveyMonkey to Wisenet.

How to Set Up SurveyMonkey Integration

To send out a survey to a collector group, you first need to create the survey in the SurveyMonkey application.

How to Create a Survey and Collectors in SurveyMonkey

Wisenet has worked with SurveyMonkey to make it easy to add the AQTF Quality Indicator Survey templates.

How to Set Up an AQTF Survey

You can send a link to a survey collector group directly from within Wisenet. This can be completed individually or in bulk from a Course Offer.

How to Send a Survey

Responses from any survey sent can be easily reported and shared.

How To Track and View Responses for Analysis

Survey FAQ

AQTF Quality Indicator Survey

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