Getting Started: Single Data Return (SDR)

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The Single Data Return (SDR) is a set of data items that are specifically required by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and TEC (Tertiary Education Commission).  They are the custodian of SDR, for funding, monitoring performance against Investment Plans and publishing performance information including statistical reporting purposes. It is simply a set of files which you can easily export from Wisenet.

  • Reporting data about your organisation
  • Reporting data about your Learners

 How does it work?

Have all the basics set up in Wisenet, such as Course Offers, Learners and Enrolment.  Refer to the SDR Outline for guidance on specific Fields that are required when setting up the basics.  This is important as it will help with setting up for correct reporting for all your SDR courses.

Learn about SDR Exports for your reporting requirements and processes.

Introducing SDR Reporting

Foreign Fees in SDR Export

If you are required to complete SDR reporting, it is important that you incorporate specific SDR field collection and processes into your Course offer, Learner and Enrolment setup.  The requirements change slightly depending on how you set up your Wisenet database for correct reporting.

Set Up Correct Reporting

While this is not strictly required, it is however recommended, as it allows you to proactively complete your data integrity checks to ensure:

  • The right amount of data is being reported
  • There isn’t any incorrect data

Learn about Data Integrity Reports for NZ

Once you have reviewed that all your data for SDR are correct, export the SDR out of Wisenet.

How to Export SDR Data

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