Getting Started: Messaging

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Wisenet can send email messages in many different contexts. Some examples of how you can use the Messaging feature:

  • Email send via Wisenet to a learner or to multiple learners in a Course Offer
  • Generate a personalised document and send as an email attachment
  • Send survey invitation with your custom message
  • Send CAN or invoice automatically
  • Subscribe to a Report and have it periodically emailed
  • Send government compliance export files to your selected address
  • Email templates for Online Enrolment
  • Email notifications e.g. Password reset email


  • Custom template builder
  • Automated system
  • Bulk sending capability
  • Multiple filter option
  • Attachment option
  • Sync with 3rd party hosted software

 How does it work?

There are many ways that emails are sent out of Wisenet depending on the feature.

Overview of Emails from the Wisenet System

You do not want your recipient(s) to miss your emails due to going to Spam/Junk folder.

How to make sure your email doesn’t look like spam

There are different options to send messages in Wisenet.  It can be done via Logbook, uReport or Learncycle.  Your sent messages are saved either against the Client Logbook or the Course Enrolment Logbook.

How to Send a Message

Learn More? Learn about Logbook, uReport and Learncycle.

Use templates to standardise and streamline your communications.

How To Create and Edit an Email Template

Notification settings can only be updated by Portal Administrators in the Wisenet Portal Admin Setting Section.

How to Configure Notification Settings

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