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A Course is a master copy and contains all the Units for that accredited qualifications. For non-accredited or Short Courses specific for your organisation it allows for a master Course to be created before adding Course Offers.


  • Allows you to create a Master Course
  • Reduces risk of errors and duplications
  • Single entry
  • Customisation to suit your organisation

 How does it work?

Always check to ensure that the Course hasn’t yet been added to avoid: duplicate records, government report errors and ensure internal reporting accuracy.

  1. On the Top Navigation Bar click Courses
  2. In the Search type in part or all of the Course Code or Description


Learners are enrolled into Course Offers not Courses

Before you add a Course you first need to understand the what type of Course you will be delivering. For example Short Course, Non- Accredited, General English etc

Different Course Types

In most instances you can upload your Accredited Courses through Scope Import.

How to Import your Scope

For Non-Accredited you can add Courses manually.

After the details of your Course has been entered you will need to check and edit the details for compliance and to avoid errors in your enrolments.

Check and Edit Course and Unit Details

Course Field Details:

Whether you entered your Units manually or requested Wisenet to upload your scope; your Units will need to be modified for compliance.

How to Add, Edit or Tag Units 

When all the details are correct you can copy a Unit if you require. This is useful if you offer a Unit from a different training package.

How to Copy a Unit 

You can link a Staff member or multiple staff to Courses delivering and assessing. This is important for auditing and to keep track of what Units staff can deliver. 

How to Link Staff to Courses and Units

Learn more?  Staff details.

Stay on top of your Courses by creating Checklist and Tasks to review these annually. This is important to see if there have been any changes to the qualification or delivery.

Logbooks can also be used as a record of Moderation and Validation against Courses.

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