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API allows Third Party Applications to connect to Wisenet via an interface. The available fields that can be accessed and grouped into entities and are referred to as Endpoints. Each Endpoint represents a different set of data and can be called as required to send and receive data.

The API can be used to:

  • Obtain data from Wisenet to populate a 3rd party application
    • Populate a separate internal employee tracking application
  • Complete a customised online enrolment application from your Website into Wisenet
  • Send new data to Wisenet
    • A new student enrolment from a CRM system
  • Update existing data in Wisenet
    • Update unit enrolment details from an external system
  • Easily connect with Third Party Applications
  • Meet your business requirements more effectively
  • Streamline your business process in some new way

 How does it work?

The Wisenet API requires a specific license that is costed separately to the standard Wisenet LRM license. Please contact Wisenet support for access.

Wisenet can provide a testing environment to allow you to play with the API before you go-live.

The technical documentation for developers has all required information to consume the API

API Developer Resources
API Endpoints


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