Fees Free

An initiative from the New Zealand government offering eligible learners fees-free funding for their first year of tertiary education from 1 January 2018.

For more information see feesfree.gov.nz

Who is Eligible?

Not every Learner or every Qualification is eligible for this funding.

To learn more about eligibility criteria see TEC.gov.nz

How to Identify if a Learner could be eligible?

TEC is responsible for determining if a learner is eligible however, TEO’s will need to check eligibility.

There are 3 ways to check this:

  1. Workspace 2
  2. Send in a CSV file
    • Use report 2100 to generate the required information. How to generate a report
    • Make sure you Generate Report and then Export to CSV
  3. Individually looking up via NSN numbers

For instructions and guidelines on each option please see NSN for fees-free eligibility

If Learners return an unknown eligibility you will need to complete a statutory declaration process.

For more information see feesfree.gov.nz

How to record Fees Free eligibility and status in Wisenet?

The TEC is in the process of defining clear specifications for the Fees Free initiative. Until this is available Wisenet will not be adding new fields to prevent causing confusion and having to remove unnecessary fields in the future. In the meantime you can use some of the existing fields.

As FeesFree is related to the Learner it is best to enter information at the Learner level. For now we recommend to use the Special Requirements or General Notes field in the Edit Personal Details section. This will then show on the Profile page.

You can enter:

  • FeesFree status of your choice (ineligible, eligible)
  • Credits consumed
  • Or anything else that you would like to enter

You can filter certain reports by COR Target Group FF18 to only show those Learners.

How to generate a report

What Additional Reporting Requirements are there?

At this stage TEC is still working on what reporting requirements there are. Wisenet is in contact with TEC and will update and include any of these requirements as necessary.

How will TEOs be paid?

TEC will send out further communication over the next few weeks explaining this.

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