API Endpoints

We designed the Wisenet API in a RESTful way, so that your consumption of it is simple and straightforward.

All the data objects in Wisenet (students, courses, enrolments, etc.) are “Resources” in the Web sense: that is to say, they are identified by URIs, and operated on by HTTP requests, chiefly GET and POST. Whenever you GET one of these resources, you receive a representation encoded using XML or JSON.

This documentation should make it obvious that the API interface doesn’t constrain the design of the URI space. URIs used for retrieving, creating, and controlling the resources are provided by the system; clients can make no assumptions as to their internal syntax. URIs may change at any time, but link relations may only change with the release of a new major version of the API.

If you’re looking for more information about RESTful web services, the O’Reilly RESTful Web Services book is excellent.

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